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25.11.22 – The rock band Bloom is actually in the Sonic Temple Studio to record the new album. Stay tuned

Dario (Bloom) and Fabio

New Official video of Shake me is out! Recorded, Mixed and Mastered @ Sonic Temple Studio

New single/video of Ian Parry Rock Emporium is out! Mixed and Mastered @ Sonic Temple Studio

The Studio

Sonic Temple Studio is located in Santa Tecla, a town about 20 minutes from Salerno (Italy), and offers an ideal environment for artists who like to create and record in a warm and quite atmosphere. The studio extends over an area of 150 square meters. There are n° 1 Control Room and n° 3 Recording Rooms that meet high professional standards and boast first-class acoustics, technology (analogue and digital), comfort and design.

  • Control Room A is connected with the other three rooms and covers an area ofapproximately 35 square meters. offering great comfort to musicians; the geometry of the structure ensures excellent acoustics also thanks to the presence of bass traps.
  • Recording Room A is located in front of the Control Room A and covers an area of about 40 square meters. Due to its size it is also suitable for live recording of groups and ensembles of musicians.
  • Recording Room B (surface approx. 20 m) is located in front of Control Room B and to the left of Direction A and is characterized by a porphyry wall which helps to create a beautiful natural reverberation effect.
  • Recording Room C has an area of approximately 15 square meters.


Mixing – also Online

Mixing is the process of taking recorded tracks and blending them together using the best converters and outboards in the market.

Mastering – also Online

Mastering is the final step of audio post-production. Its purpose is to balance sonic elements of a stereo mix and optimize playback across all systems. We have some of the best converters and outboards avaiable like: Burl Bomber DAC, Forseell Mada, Avid, ShadowHills, Chandler Curvebender EMI and more


The studio presents one control room and three beautiful recording rooms and some of the best outboards and mics to capture your sound.

Reamping – also Online

Send us your guitar ‘clean’ tracks (recorded by a DI) and, if possible, a rough mix of the song. These will be reamped through some of the best amplifiers like Mesa Boogie, Ehv, Marshall, Engl and more!

Editing – also Online

If you have drums tracks that have some timing problems or vocal tracks with tuning problems, send us, we can fix them!


We can transform your songs and ideas in great albums!


Via Giotto 8, Santa Tecla (Salerno) – Italy



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